Friday, August 22, 2014

Armorless Freshwater Three Spined Stickleback Fish Conservation Efforts in Japan

Stickleback fish are native to Japan. Many Japanese environmental conservation groups make preserving the population of armorless three spined stickleback fish in Japan one of their main goals.
These environmental conservation groups in Japan aim to educate the community in areas where three spined stickleback fish are found, about the environmental importance of these animals. The Harinko Network is one of these environmental conservation groups.

The Harinko Network is based in Gifu, Japan. The group uses various means to spread information on the three spined stickleback fish. They produce environmental magazines as part of their public relations efforts. The group also educates schools and communities about the tiny animals, and is planning to release a DVD, as part of its conservation efforts.

Armorless three spined stickleback fish are being preserved in a unique way by the Kagano Water Preservation Society. The Kagano Water Preservation Society used spring water from the well of Kagano Hachiman shrine, to fill a pond built around the shrine. The pond is known as the Hariyo pond.

The water from the well is one of 100 water sources known as, ‘Heisei 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters’. Armorless sticklebacks which are in danger of extinction were released into both the pond, and a waterway located on the west of the shrine.

The area is the site of breeding activities for these fish. Children from the local community regularly participate in clean up efforts at the Hariyo Pond and are able to learn more about the sticklebacks through discussions held at the site.

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