Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chevron Amazon Case: Controversy Over Chevron Oil Company in the Amazon

The Chevron Amazon case saw more changes over the past few months. The controversy surrounds the Chevron oil company, which dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic waste in the Amazon rainforest. This happened over the three decades that the company drilled for oil in the rainforest.

This is bad. It is bad behavior on the largest scale but I am certainly not surprised. We (the public) have seen so many examples in the past of large companies- some of them multinationals- which abuse their power when it comes to one resource or another.

They feed false information out into the media as they deem it necessary and do what they can to prevent the truth from coming out. I hope the people of the Amazon get all the funds they need to rebuild this precious resource. However, just a few weeks ago, a court in Ontario sided with the oil giant, and granted a stay to the defendants (Chevron).

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cheap Weekend Entertainment Ideas for Kids, Families and Singles

These cheap weekend entertainment ideas for kids, families and singles will help you to avoid going over your budget while you have a good time. Having less money than you want doesn’t mean that you can’t do things that relax you and take your mind off the stress of work or studies.

It’s important to ensure that you do have leisure time, as that will help you to perform better at work, school and home. There are many things you and your loved ones can do together, that create valuable quality time and cost only a little.

Look out for free performances in your area. Sometimes musicians and even poets and actors, put on performances for free. Ask around in literary or artistic circles, ask your friends about local festivals surrounding events like Cinco de Mayo, pay attention to the art section in your local newspaper or watch the bulletin board at your workplace or college. Someone will have information.

Look out for movie night or half-off days at theatres. Many movie theatres across the globe sell tickets at discounted prices on certain days, or at certain times. For example, some theatres have a special price for the matinee on a Saturday. Take advantage of the opportunity and make a date with all your friends.
Additionally, you can rent DVDs from a local library and invite friends over. Make sure everyone carries something in the way of food to share, or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, just provide light refreshment.

Watch out for customer appreciation events. Many businesses have freebies once a year to show their appreciation for customer support throughout the year. Some of these companies show their appreciation by sponsoring a concert that is free to the public.

In the summer, some companies host free beach parties that both families and couples can enjoy while and sticking to a budget. They may be advertised in local magazines, newspapers or on the bulletin board of the business, or the business’ web site.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Armorless Freshwater Three Spined Stickleback Fish Conservation Efforts in Japan

Stickleback fish are native to Japan. Many Japanese environmental conservation groups make preserving the population of armorless three spined stickleback fish in Japan one of their main goals.
These environmental conservation groups in Japan aim to educate the community in areas where three spined stickleback fish are found, about the environmental importance of these animals. The Harinko Network is one of these environmental conservation groups.

The Harinko Network is based in Gifu, Japan. The group uses various means to spread information on the three spined stickleback fish. They produce environmental magazines as part of their public relations efforts. The group also educates schools and communities about the tiny animals, and is planning to release a DVD, as part of its conservation efforts.

Armorless three spined stickleback fish are being preserved in a unique way by the Kagano Water Preservation Society. The Kagano Water Preservation Society used spring water from the well of Kagano Hachiman shrine, to fill a pond built around the shrine. The pond is known as the Hariyo pond.

The water from the well is one of 100 water sources known as, ‘Heisei 100 Exquisite and Well-Conserved Waters’. Armorless sticklebacks which are in danger of extinction were released into both the pond, and a waterway located on the west of the shrine.

The area is the site of breeding activities for these fish. Children from the local community regularly participate in clean up efforts at the Hariyo Pond and are able to learn more about the sticklebacks through discussions held at the site.

Sharing Photos of the Outdoors Digitally

Old photos can be converted to digital form by using a film scanner. A photo negative scanner will accept slides or negatives as well. A negative to digital film converter produces images that are of a higher quality than those produced by a regular scanner.

If you don’t have a film scanner, you can still get your pictures in digital form by using film conversion services provided at a photo scanning service in your community. These professionals can transfer your negatives to digital format for you.

Revamp Vintage Prints and Childhood Photos
Vintage photos can be edited online after conversion with the film scanner. This is also a good way to preserve pictures of grandparents or great grandparents that may have been handed down to you. Older photos of you as a child can also be given a fresh look by using photo editing software after the images have been scanned.

Share Photos with Family Instantly
If you have family pictures in print form, that you want to share with a family member who is far away, why not scan the images using a film scanner and then send them to them via email? You can use one of the online photo editing services to add a special message to the photo.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Edible Wild Plants in Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama- Acacia and Abal

The edible wild plants of North America frequently have medicinal value as well. North America includes Bahamas, Canada, Jamaica, Nicaragua and the United States. These plants are found in many different habitats. The edible flora may survive in sandy deserts in the United States as well as tropical rainforest environments.

Edible Wild Plants of North America with Edible Flowers: Abal
Abal (Calligonum comosum) is one of the plants in North America that has edible flowers. It grows in shady deserts and is not very tall. It usually grows to about 1.2 meters. It produces flowers during March and April.

Edible Wild Plants in Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama- Acacia and Abal:  Abal Medicinal Uses
Abal is used to treat microbial infections, especially Listeriosis. Listeriosis is a severe food borne disease that affects humans and animals. It has a high mortality rate even when antibiotics are used against it in the early stages of the disease. Studies have shown that compounds extracted from the plant can inhibit the growth of Listeria ivanovii. These lab results indicate the bioactive extracts can control food contamination.

Edible Wild Plants of North America with Edible Leaves and Pods: Acacia
Acacia is one of the plants in North America that has edible leaves and pods. People can safely consume these cooked or raw. It likes open, sunny spaces and is frequently found in the tropics.

Edible Wild Plants in Mississippi, Ohio, Alabama- Acacia and Abal : Acacia Medicinal Uses
Acacia produces gum in the pods and this gum has been used for medicinal purposes for a number of years. People usually get the gum from the plan by crushing the leaves and pods.

People use acacia gum for the following purposes:
Food: gum acacia has been used by people in different cultures as food. It is very nutritious and in times of famine, six ounces of it can support an adult for 24 hours.
Treating periodontitis: acacia gum is used to kill the bacteria that contribute to gum disease. The gum must be added to water and then this solution should be used as a mouth wash.
Bring relief from colds and sore throats: a mouth wash made with acacia gum can help to bring relief from sore throats and the symptoms of colds
 Treating wounds: acacia gum can be used to soothe small scrapes and cuts. It covers and protects areas that are inflamed.

Treating inflammatory conditions: people may dilute gum acacia in water and drink it as a tea. It brings relief from diarrhea, dysentery, and inflammation of the urinary tract.